Basic information about penis enlargement pills

What Everybody Ought to Know About Penis Enlargement Pills - The Truth Revealed Once & For All!

do penis enlargement pills workBefore you step up and decide to purchase penis enlargement pills, there are a series of things that you need to understand about them.

The very first thing you must know is this:

Penis enhancement pills DO NOT provide permanent penis enlargement!!! (read that once again)

Got it? Ok, now... Penis pills can temporarily enlarge your penis, but if you want to permanently enlarge your penis, you must use penis traction device or penis exercise program. The best combination would be to use penis extender device AND penis enhancement pills.

Next, ask yourself this: Are you looking to stay hard for a longer period of time or are you looking to be bigger? Based on the answer really does help you to figure out what kind of pills to get or if pills are the right decision for you at all.

But first step back and let’s look at some of the TRUE information about penis enhancement pills.

How penis enhancement pills work?

2 things here:

  1. Penis pills contain ingredients that drastically improve blood flow to your penis. That way penis chambers are more erect and further stretched.
  2. Main ingredients of penis pills stimulate the production of cells in penis chambers. This means much bigger capacity of chambers, allowing for harder erections etc.

Penis enhancement – what does it really mean?

side effects of penis enlargement pillsLook at those words: penis enhancement. It means that you are enhancing your penis. That’s fantastic. There’s a downfall though. These sorts of pills are grouped under the classification called a supplement.

A supplement is a means of adding to an already existent method of building up strength. Basically, a body builder uses a supplement so that he can build up more muscle faster while he is working out.

If you want to just get a bigger penis without having to do anything, you can go try the hanging a weight on the end on your penis technique and whatever other ones are available. However, if you want to try a healthier, less painful method of increasing the size of your penis, then what you’re going to want to do is try out a penis enhancement pill. What these include are herbs and ingredients that are known to help your body get healthier.

The trick to getting a bigger penis is not targeting the penis with the pill, but targeting the body. See, the penis gets hard because of blood flow. So, if your blood vessels are naturally a bit restrained, the amount of blood that can get to the penis is reduced so you can’t get as hard for as long.

That’s upsetting to a lot of men! By taking one of these pills, it might relax the blood vessels, force more blood to the penis, and that's what makes you harder. That’s what makes the erection so much better!

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What you should NOT expect from penis pills?

will penis enlargement pills workDon't expect permanent, 100% growth without any work at all! Now, if you are willing to put in some work, these pills are a great idea.

By supplementing the exercise that you are going to do or penis traction device, in essence, you are making it so that your penis can get bigger and it’ll last a long time because you are working out. When you go to the gym, you are working out and building muscle. As long as you keep working out, the penis stays strong!

What results can you expect from using penis enhancement pills?

These pills won’t make you hard forever. But, they do actually help with a lot of other things that most men don’t even think about. Here are some things that a penis enhancement pill DOES do:

  • It does make you harder because it increases the blood flow to the penis thus allowing more cells to get nourishment so they get stronger, bigger, and thus your penis is bigger. Add in the fact that you are adding more blood to the penis and it gets HARDER.
  • It makes it BIGGER. Like I said in the last point, the penis gets larger because more blood is being pumped there. That makes it all the better for man.
  • Prolonged orgasms are a possibility because you’re not worried about premature ejaculation. A lot of those pills have herbs that ease up that stress.
  • They give you confidence! But you find that in yourself when you take these pills. When you see yourself in the mirror and see how much larger you look, you find a great love for what you see and that is confidence!

safe penis enlargement pillsIf you want something permanent, these sorts of pills are probably not your best bet. However, if you are like a lot of people and are willing to put in a little bit of necessary work to really increase your size and potency, then some of these pills might be the best bet for you.

You can achieve rock hard erections, larger erections, longer periods of time with said erection, you can come harder, you can make her come harder and most importantly, you can love the sex that you have with your significant other because you are no longer afraid to drop your pants!


Penis enhancement pills are a great way to increase your potency and your ability in bed. You’ll love it, she’ll love it, and your sex life will be great! But, it’s a not a permanent solution without some sort of work. So, if you want a bigger penis, try the pills, but I would recommend you to use penis pills in a combination with a penis traction device. That way you will achieve absolutely best possible penis enlargement results! Period.

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