Penis enlargement methods reviewed

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A5EN8F.jpgIf you have been searching for natural penis enlargement methods for some time now, you know that it can often feel impossible to find the right product, considering the numerous products that are available on the market.

Penis enlargement devices, pills, patches, surgery or exercises – all these methods claim that they can do one thing for you – add inches to your penis and improve stamina and sexual satisfaction.

However, we rarely see real proof for any of these methods to enlarge penis. The only right way to determine if a product is good for you is to actually research how the product works and see what it can offer you in the long run.

If you do that, you will find out the differences between what they say a product can do for you and what that product can REALLY offer your body.

Penis enlargement pills

B7WT2A.jpgPE pills are a great example of products that claim one thing while doing another. Made from natural and organic ingredients and extracts, connection between these penis enhancement pills and their ability to increase your penis size is minimal.

These penis pills are more oriented towards offering you an aphrodisiac effect on your sexual experience; that means they can give you increased stamina, firmness and improved blood flow to your penis. None of these things can give you permanent increase in penis size.

  • Damiana – improves erectile function and duration of orgasms
  • Tribulus Terrestris – improves your sexual stamina, staying power and drive
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract – this is libido enhancer
  • Red Ginseng – contains aphrodisiac qualities and can give you increased energy levels

Penis patches

patches.jpgVery similar to penis enhancement pills – they take above mentioned ingredients and administer them into your blood stream by using trans-dermal method.

Jelqing (penis exercises)

jelqing.jpgThis method of penis enlargement has been used by men in the Middle East for centuries. Jelqing represents a combination of 100-200 penis exercises that are spaced over a 20-minute period.

These exercises are very easy to do and can add an average of 1.4 inches to your penis length. The only negative side of this method is that this is actually a short-term solution. Without regular daily sessions, extra inches will not last!

Penis enlargement surgery

ATB8Y2.jpgThis is possibly the most risky penis enlargement procedure.

Also known as phalloplasty, this procedure consists of a simple surgical release technique that cuts your suspensory ligament that is found in the pubic bone region of your body.

Penis surgery can increase your penis size by 2.5 – 4 inches.

While it may sound like a simple procedure, penis enlargement surgery carries risk of removing the ability to hold an erection because your penis can lose the support of your suspensory ligament when it is cut.

When talking about enlarging your penis girth, then a lipo sculpture can offer you that same support.

Here the fatty tissue – that is taken from your body – is injected into your penis, before it is remoulded and smoothed to suite your shape. It is recommended that you should be careful with this kind of procedure, because it can result in a build up of fatty deposits under your skin and it can make your penis look uneven.

Penis enlargement devices

header-SL.jpgThis is easily the most reliable of all the procedures. Users of penis traction devices can expect to see results within 7 days of applying a penis device to their penis.

Designed to stimulate the replication of tissue cells within penis chambers, penis enlargement devices can develop your penis in a totally natural way. What's more important, penis devices can give you permanent penis enlargement – growing your penis by up to 30% in both length and girth.

During a period of 24 weeks, you can expect to experience longer orgasms, much harder erections, correction of penis curvatures of up to 60% and increased stamina levels.

Make the right decision for your body

While maybe penis enhancement pills and penis patches can give you better sexual satisfaction, when talking about penis enlargement – penis traction devices is the safest route for you.

Medically backed & approved by CE standards and made from Medical Type 1 materials, you can wear these penis traction devices, knowing that you will experience a permanent increase in penis size of 2-3 inches, and you will have no risk of harming your body at all.

That's a guarantee you simply cannot ignore when talking about successful penis enlargement methods.


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