Compare top rated sperm increase pills

After I spent some time researching several sperm enhancement pills on the market, I came to conclusion that large number of them are just not worth it… Keep in mind that there are a lot of sperm increase pills on the market, but these 2 that I compared are the only pills that are proven to really increase your sperm count.

Main concerns that I have when I rank sperm enhancement pills are:

  • Safety of ingredients – there must not be any dangerous components inside pills
  • Effectiveness – pills have to show results that company claims on their website (really increase your sperm count)
  • Money back guarantee – the bigger money back guarantee, the better
  • Company reputation – how long has the company been around

IMPORTANT: I do not recommend any other semen enhancement pills other than these 2 that I compared side by side on this page. Other pills will not give you desired results or they may contain dangerous ingredients that can be harmful to your health! Safety is my #1 concern when it comes to these kinds of pills.

After you take a closer look at my comparison chart, you will see which sperm increase pill best suits you and you will have good knowledge to make a wise choice.

Top rated sperm
increase pills




Effectiveness - Sperm count increase by up to 500% !!!

- Harder erections

- Longer orgasms

- Improved fertility

- Increased libido

- Increased strength

- Improvement in sperm/semen volume

- Longer orgasms

- Improved fertility

- Increased libido

Dosage 1 pill/day 1-2 pills/day
Side effects None None
Medical backing Yes Yes
Money back guarantee 6 months only 60 days
Free shipping Yes Yes (USA only)
Discreet packaging Yes Yes
Customer support Excellent Good
Ordering methods Online, order by fax, mail or phone Online, order by fax, mail or phone
Price From $68.95 From $59.95
1 year supply $398.95

(you save $431 !!!!)
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(you save $320)

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Overall rating 5/5
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Performer5 – my top recommendation!

As you can see from the comparison table, my top recommended sperm increase pills are Performer5. Why did I choose them as #1 pill? Several reasons really:

  • Positive personal experience with Performer5
  • Outstanding mix of herbal ingredients – 100% safe!
  • Claims made by manufacturers are true – you will get REAL sperm increase (up to 500%)!
  • 6 months money back guarantee
  • Lots of free bonuses
  • Big savings on larger packages

Just imagine how great those big orgasms will feel… Picture for a moment those 30 seconds or so when you are going into climax and ejaculating your load on her.

She will want that load over and over again from you! And you will be ready to satisfy her in no time, since you will have much bigger sperm count!

So if you want those big cum loads that you just see in movies, then stop dreaming and take action today! Performer5 can and will help you turn your dreams into everyday reality!


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