Do women like big penis?

Sure They Do... They Just Don't Wanna Tell You That!

bigger penisYou know about "the bigger the better" mindset, right? It's been associated with all sorts of things, from cars and houses to portions in restaurants.

Well I have to tell you – this ways of thinking goes for penis size as well! Bigger men usually have slightly bigger penises, but contrary to the popular belief there's absolutely no correlation between the size of a man's nose or feet and the size of his penis.

Size does matter!

So what do you think – does it really make any difference when you're having sex? For Andrea, it does matter – a lot:

"Sure it matters – I've had some massive members in my time, and I really enjoyed them! I find that the bigger the penis, the greater the feeling!"

As a matter of fact, woman who doesn't prefer bigger-than-average penis is more an exception rather than the norm. A study conducted by "Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex Research" has shown that the average penis size is anywhere from 5 to 7 inches.

"I once slept with a guy who had a stub for a cock and I couldn't feel anything. I ended up going into the bathroom and satisfying myself - a situation I don't care to repeat."

My main point here is that most women don't like very small penises, whatever is done with them! When you have a small penis, most women won't be able to "feel anything", especially if their vagina has been stretched by having children!

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What is ideal penis?

home penis enlargementResearch showed us that what most women want is a bigger-than-average penis, but what's really important is width rather than length!

So what is ideal penis? It's one that is thick enough to stretch the woman's vaginal opening which can be felt inside their body, each time they have sex.

"I would rather sleep with a guy who has a thick member than someone with a thin, reedy schlong that hits my cervix every time he penetrates me."

Most of the 200 women interviewed representing all ages (over 18), sizes, ethnicies, sexual habits voted for girth over length. They happily said that they enjoy the feeling of a thick penis rubbing against their vaginal walls rather than having a very long penis poking against their insides. How interesting!

Bigger penis = Greater confidence

sizegenetics deviceWhen it comes to racial preferences, Andrea says: "I have noticed that African-Americans are really well-endowed as compared to other nationalities. They also seem to be much more confident in bed knowing that they have the right size package."

It's true – one's ethnic group does produce significant anatomical differences among males: black men are indeed bigger than Caucasian men, but only by 1/2 inch or so, while Asian men are about 1/2 inch smaller on average.

I wanted to tell you all this to show you that women really are turned on and satisfied by large, thick and powerful penis! Not to mention that a woman will have that "shock & awe" look on her face when she sees your big penis!

Women such as Andrea know how to appreciate well-endowed men, or even those who just think they are, since they're usually much more sexually confident about their skills.

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