History of penis enlargement

PriapusMale (and female) obsession with big penis is not new and has existed ever since man walked the earth. This is one subject that people think about frequently, right from adolescence.

If you've ever seen the rock drawings and paintings of ancient kings, you would see them with huge penises and frank references are made about their genitals in many scriptures.

Greek mythology

In Greek mythology, Priapus was a fertility god, protector of fruit plants, gardens, livestock and male genitalia. He was known for his huge and permanently erect penis, which is where the medical term "priapism" comes from. He is usually shown holding his penis.


In Egypt, God of Creation, Geb, is featured on most paintings, thrusting his huge penis into the sky and a grin that is said to depict his pleasure. King Dihythia of Senegal is seen sitting naked on a throne with women kneeling in front of him, touching his gigantic penis.

A man's penis has always been considered to be the most important body part. Even during the time when small penises were preferred over large ones, genitals were taken care of and protected by stretching the prepuse and fastening it over the glans using a ribbon.

Size always did matter!

Every guy wishes he had more to work with where penis size is concerned. Men from all periods in history had gone to great and sometimes dangerous lengths to expand the penis sizes and improve the length of their erections.

From stretching the shaft manually to hanging weights on the tip and the scrotum to cutting a slit down the shaft, man have always sacrificed safety for a chance to make the penis bigger.

Weight hanging

The weight hanging technique was said to have been practiced in Egypt and some tribes in Africa as long as 2000 years ago, where some weight was hung at the end of the penis to stretch the penile tissues. The pharaohs used it to increase their sexual enjoyment. This method has been seen to increase the length and reduce the girth of the penis, as well as lessening the blood circulation and depriving the penile cells of oxygen and other nutrients.

While the weight hanging was an extreme method, some of our ancestors also practiced safer methods, such as penile exercises and ingestion of herbal aphrodisiacs.

Chinese medicine

ginseng-plant1.jpgChinese herbal medicine has been in the forefront of penis enlargement, using herbs like yohimbe and ginseng, which are even used today to improve sexual appetite and increase the size of the penis. Most of the modern medicine, such as pills, oils and patches uses a combination of these herbs.

It was said that in the Middle East, fathers would prepare their sons for sexual relationships, by teaching them a penile massage technique to increase the size, which has come to be known as jelqing.

It was in the 20th century, that the modern penis pumps have been introduced. They work by creating a vacuum and increasing blood flow to the penile cells, in turn causing the penis to increase in size. However, latest research revealed that they are ineffective and can be very dangerous!


All the ancient techniques used for penile size increase continue to be used in the present day. It helps to understand where each one of those penis enlargement methods comes from, to be able to better understand how it works. This knowledge helps men in deciding on the route they wish to take to fulfill their desires.

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