How penis enlargement works?

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Umm.... Does this really work?

Before you dive into browsing through all kinds of penis enlargement products, you first need to understand how penis enlargement works.

You see, a lot of people today are very doubtful when it comes to penis enlargement and they don't believe that such a thing is possible. This is mainly because they didn't take time to understand mechanism behind penis enlargement.

The most successful method of penis enlargement is the one that is based on the principle of traction. Those kinds of products are for example penis traction devices.

Principle of traction is based on one simple fact:

When you expose certain part of your body to a stretching force, your body will adapt under such influence. Therefore, cells in that part of body will start to divide and multiply, making that part of your body GROW.

elongated-neck1.jpgTraction is not a new method; it has been used since ancient times by different cultures to make certain body modifications.

For example women in African tribes used to elongate their necks through tight necklaces that caused traction.

Also traction has been used by some cultures to increase size of earlobes and lips.

Penis enlargement traction devices

Since traction has been found to be perfectly safe when applied to certain parts of human body, manufacturers came to an idea to make a special device that will able to apply traction to human penis in order to increase penis length as well as girth. That's how penis traction devices were made.

So, as you can see, penis enlargement is not some kind of secret at all. It is based on tried and tested methods performed long time ago in order to make modifications to certain parts of human body.

How penis traction device works? Good question…

First you attach penis device to your penis by following manual that comes with the device. When the device is properly attached to your penis, it will cause a gentle stretch of your penis. This in turn, will cause small amounts of breakdown in the penile tissues. When this happens, that is actually a signal to the body that it needs to make more penile tissue material in order to compensate for the breakdown.

How penis device looks like Penis device

What usually happens is that your body will not just compensate for the lost tissue, but it will OVER-compensate in order to replace the tissue AND it will add additional penis tissue material! This will actually increase the tissue bulkiness, which leads to increased penis length as well as girth. And so, this is actually where the penis enlargement process happens!

Today there are certain penis traction devices that are perfectly safe for use and are made of the finest materials, carrying European CE health stamp and being Medical Type 1 Devices.

Usually it takes about 6 months of using a penis enlargement device in order to reach your desired penis size. But after that, your gains will be PERMANENT.

Other methods of penis enlargement

In this category we put less effective methods of penis enlargement (penis exercises and pills):

Penis exercises

They are effective, but you need to perform them for long time before you see some good results. Usually when you buy an exercise program, it will come with online access or DVD where all the exercises are stored with pictures and videos. You need to perform those exercises precisely as it says in the manual.

Penis enlargement exercises work by increasing the blood flow to your penis, thus over time, penile tissues will expand and enlarge, giving you increased penis length as well as girth.

one penis enlargement exercise routine

When choosing a penis enlargement exercise program, make sure that you choose one that was made by good and reputable company. Another thing that I suggest is that those exercises have a voice over videos, so that you can actually hear the person talking to you how you're supposed to perform exercises.

Penis pills

Pills do not provide you with permanent penis enlargement. They can only improve blood flow to your penis; therefore can only give you TEMPORARY penis enlargement.

These pills contain ingredients that can stimulate corpora carvenosa of your penis (most of the penis' tissue capillaries are there). When ingredients in these pills generate increased blood flow to the spongy tissue, it will cause small caverns in tissue to expand and they will stretch even more that they would normally stretch.

Now, here is one really important fact – a lot of companies will try to trick you into buying "penis enlargement pills", but rest assured that there is no such thing as penis enlargement pill, only penis enhancement pills, since they just improve blood flow to your penis and give you temporary penis enlargement.

What many people do is that they use penis enlargement traction device in a combination with exercises or pills. This has proven to be really effective and faster way of adding inches to your penis. If possible, I suggest you to do the same.

You don't have to suffer anymore!

A lot of men today feel bad about their penis size or they are too embarrassed to do anything about it. But as you can see, there are perfectly safe solutions for enlarging your penis and those solutions are based on ancient methods of enlarging different parts of human body.

Today many men think that they are stuck with penis size that they were born with. However this is not true! It doesn't have to be that way.

Many men who have used safe and effective penis enlargement products found out that they can have the penis size they always wanted. Increased penis size brings them to increased overall confidence levels, which means they are more secure and easier going when it comes to talking and flirting with women.

At the end I have few pointers for you on choosing a good product:

  • Find a company that has been around for some time
  • Choose device that carries European CE health stamp of safety and is Medical Type 1 Device
  • Product should have at least 6 months money back guarantee
  • Device shouldn't have any side effects
  • Company should have excellent customer support over the phone as well as online forums etc…

Since now you have an idea how penis enlargement works, you should be able to choose a good penis enlargement product. As I already said, my advice for you is to choose a good penis enlargement device (since this is the only method that will bring you permanent penis enlargement) and optionally you can add to that a penis exercise program or some penis pill.

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