How to measure the growth of your penis?

How to start?

measuring your penisThe initial stages of any program prove to be difficult, as the person needs to get into the habit of maintaining a perfect routine. It is no different with natural penis enlargement.

People looking to enlarge their penis have to be totally committed to the program, from following the steps as mentioned to keeping a log of their penis measurement changes.

It takes persistence and an honest effort to achieve results in the form of changes in the size of your penis. Many people tend to complain that penis enlargement program is not good, when in fact it is their lack of effort or inefficiency in following the program that makes it ineffective.

Watch the inches grow!

Once you show your dedication, it will be exciting to watch the inches begin to grow! You can maintain a record of it on a frequent basis by entering the measurements of the penis. This will give you the motivation needed to achieve the size you aim to.

How to do it the right way?

how to measure your penisYou have to take care when measuring you penis and ensure that both the length and girth are measured. This should be done in the erect as well as the flaccid states.

Measuring in different states is crucial because blood flow to the penile tissues, makes the penis contract or expand depending on various factors; including emotions, room temperature and physical exertion.

Your penis needs very little to get it excited and just the thought of measuring the penis is enough to get the blood flowing into the tissues, and this is why it is essential to be calm before measuring.

You have to stand straight and extend the penis in front of you using the fingers. The length of the erect and flaccid penis is measured from the side. Girth is measured at the middle of the shaft. Ensure that all your subsequent measurements are done in a similar way, in order to maintain the accuracy of data.

Don't expect miracles overnight!

Initially, the pace of growth may not look attractive. As you continue to log in your measurements, you will notice an obvious increase in size and this will certainly make your proud of your dedication! What this shows is that expecting results in a day or two is unreasonable and the only way to achieve positive results is with persistence.


enlarge-your-penis-fast.jpgAnother aspect of measuring is that, measuring too frequently can also lead to dissatisfaction. So, set yourself a reasonable gap before each penis measurement.

If you feel you may not remember to measure your penis on a particular day, make sure to set reminders to ensure you don’t miss it. You can either use a mobile phone alarm or some other reminders.

Regardless of the penis enlargement methods you use to record your penis measurements, it is an essential aspect of your quest for penis enlargement. With following the instructions and recording of the measurements, it is certain to lead to fulfilling and most satisfying results!


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