How to tell your partner about penis enlargement?

Should you keep it as a secret or not?

tell your partner about penis enlargementGoing in for penis enlargement may not be as easy as it sounds. While some men don’t think too much of it, for others it is a major decision. There are several factors that bother them, such as how their partners would take it or if they should keep this a secret.

However, it is important to note that there are some things in life that cannot be kept a secret, especially things concerning sexual pleasure and involve both partners.

They should be shared with the person you love, the person you are intimate with. This sharing can be used as a way to measure your partner’s love and understanding of your needs and feelings.

Be prepared

Since this is a delicate issue, just make sure it is approached with caution. The subject of penis enlargement may come as a shock for her too, so it becomes your responsibility to explain things to her and discuss with patience. Remember not to get upset if she looks shocked initially. For all you know, your partner may just be concerned about you.

Be open and honest

There are several approaches one can take to enlarge the penis. There are pills that can be taken, penis traction devices worn or penis enlargement exercises. Whatever approach you choose, imagine the comfort of being able to do these things without having to hide from your partner.

You should not have to live in the bathroom permanently and create suspicion and friction in your relationship. Being open helps a great deal and strengthens the bond between you two. No relationship can survive on lack of trust and lies.

It comes down to you to convince her

male-enhancement-PE.jpgYes, you may have problems and an uncomfortable situation on hand, if your partner does not understand your problem and finds penis enlargement too embarrassing.

While some women are totally open-minded about such things, some are quite the opposite. It is up to you to convince her that you need to do this to feel good about yourself and to be able to give her a better sex life.

You can tell her that you did think over this for a long time and you are really keen on going ahead with it. You can draw comparisons of a woman’s breast enlargement or erasing or wrinkles to a man’s penis enlargement, to make the whole issue look very normal from a man’s perspective.

You must give the impression that you are never going to force anything upon her and you are going to do everything you can to make things easier for both of you. If you have a loving partner who truly cares about you, there should not be a problem. You don’t have to be surprised if she throws herself in completely and helps you out with it.


Having said that, I must say that it is certainly not compulsory to discuss this with your partner. The decision whether or not to undergo penis enlargement is totally yours. If you feel that your partner may not understand these things or if you want to surprise her, then you can keep this a secret and open up when you feel the time is right.



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