Male mid-life crisis and how to overcome it

sizegenetics extenderMen usually realize in their early 40s that they've lost their youthfulness and can no longer continue living the same way they used to, as their bodies can no longer handle it.

Around this age men also start to lose hair, experience bone loss, insomnia and other disorders as well.

When this starts to happen they’ll often become cranky, tired and far less motivated then there use to being. Sometimes symptoms can also accompany the other effects listed above including sweating, flushed skin, loss of muscle, aches, pains, decreased fat, lower sexual capability, erectile dysfunction and depression.

Most men who reach this age will suffer from some if not all of these effects, and it can put a damper on their confidence and self-esteem. For some it can be rather devastating and tough for the families as well.

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sizegenetics scamVery similar to menopause which is what women go through, men go through what is known as andropause. What andropause refers to is the relation to aging men and the loss of testosterone. It's said that from age 30 men lose 10% of their testosterone each decade.

Testosterone is a hormone which helps sex drive, sperm production, pubic hair production, body hair production among other things. Andropause in aging men can cause severe consequences throughout there life.

When a man is going through a mid-life crisis it can cause serious effect on his life and he begins to notice that his aging body is done taking abuse.

There are ways for you to fight andropause and often times even before it comes. You will need to make lifestyle decisions such as dieting, exercise, stress management, tobacco intake and alcohol intake.

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