MaleExtra pills review

9472aaa.jpgThere are many penis enlargement pills on the market, but it is only with MaleExtra that I was able to achieve permanent penis enlargement and increased virility as well.

Trust me, in the past I tried numerous pills, and much to my disappointment none of them really worked.

But what really attracted me to MaleExtra was the fact that it provides you with all the desired effects within one neat and compact package.

Within just a few weeks of trying their natural herbal supplement combined with 34 PenisHealth exercises, I experienced penis size increase of up to 1.5 inches in length. This is not all – I also experienced big difference in my ejaculation volume and erections.

Their PenisHealth exercises took me about 10 minutes a day, but they enabled me to harness the increased blood flow created by MaleExtra pills and achieve real intense orgasms, like never before!

I mean it's totally incredible what this simple system can do for you. If you combine MaleExtra pills with their PenisHealth exercise program (which you get for free), you can expect:

  • Up to 2-3 inches penis size increase in length and girth
  • Bigger and harder erections
  • Improved stamina, blood flow and high confidence levels
  • Multiple orgasms (for both you and your partner)
  • Increase ejaculation volumes

MaleExtra really is the ultimate penis enlargement pill system. No other pill brand can compare to this one...

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How does it work?

B3RE5J.jpgLet me tell you something – I have never been a stud in the bedroom and girlfriend actually left me because of my penis size and sexual performance. Yet no matter how many products I tried, I was never able to achieve permanent results.

As I told you, I tried many products in the past. I would spend 30 minutes – 1 hour in training, but within a few hours my gains would be gone! And after all those massive trainings, I was actually kind of exhausted and I wasn't able to satisfy my partner at all. She hated it.

To be honest, I don't know what was worse: trying to increase my penis size through painful pumps and exhausting exercises or watching the disappointment on my girl's face when she saw the size of my erection.

With MaleExtra it's a different story!

Through their 2-part system MaleExtra pills helped me safely and naturally add inches to my penis – for good!

And I got to tell you – other competing pill brands can't come close to the 1,500mg that MaleExtra provides with their nutrient-rich ingredients. It's obvious that manufacturers of MaleExtra have taken time to carefully test all the ingredients to make sure that they give you only the most potent ingredients inside their supplement.

APR8E2.jpgTo explain this a little further, all the powerful ingredients inside MaleExtra help you first improve blood flow to your penis – through utilization of Pomegranate (70% ellagic acid), L-arginine, Muira pauma and epimedium sagittatum – before combining those with the 8 minute PenisHealth exercise in order to produce rock hard erections and erections on demand.

I never dreamed to have such intensified erections that were not only larger but also permanent!


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Just look at some of the ingredients found inside MaleExtra:

  • Pomegranate (70% ellagic acid) – Also called "natural Viagra", it increases nitric oxide in order to maintain healthy blood vessels and increase your erection strength
  • L-arginine – gives you harder erections
  • Muira Pauma – scientifically proven by Dr Jacque Waynberg to increase sexual drive, libido and morning erections
  • Epimedium Sagittatum – encourages muscle relaxation and increases blood flow to your penis
  • Tangkat Ali 20:1 – boosts your testosterone levels, increases your sexual desire and libido
  • Flax seed – essential fatty acid, gives you healthy sperm and improves penile blood flow

And these are just a few of numerous MaleExtra healthy ingredients found inside this pill. It's no surprise why MaleExtra is becoming popular pill brand – every one of their ingredients is dedicated to helping you achieve maximum sexual satisfaction.


Are there any side effects?

No, MaleExtra pills are free from any side effects. Made completely from 100% natural and organic ingredients, you will find nothing synthetic inside these pills, making it an ideal penis enlargement tool.

This was a big advantage – I was able to use these pills with confidence and without worrying that I might experience negative side effects. My penis was in safe hands.

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Are there any additional features?

B2T3B0.jpgThis 2-part penis enlargement system is ideal for all of you who suffer from erectile problems. I mean everything about it, form their exclusive bonuses to their 90 days money back guarantee, screams support.

I really liked their customer support team. They were available 24/7 by phone and email; within just 48 hours they replied me back with answers to my questions. And their answers were not just 1 line answers; rather, they sent me a very detailed explanation of my problem and recommended possible solutions. They even gave me links to research some more online.

Their 90 day money back guarantee was really inspiring as it relieved the pressure of trying this product. I had complete peace of mind, knowing that I didn't have to worry whether or not I was wasting my money.

Starting at $75.95 per pack, their money back guarantee combined with a range of very impressive bonuses helped me turn value into money. Keep in mind that as you go for higher packages, you get more and more free bonuses. Great stuff!

Here are some of the bonuses you can get:

  • Free shipping
  • Online access to PenisHealth
  • PenisHealth DVD
  • Seductive Massage DVD
  • Free package of Performer5 pills for bigger loads
  • Real sex for real people DVD
  • Free package of MaleExtra pills


Summary – Buy MaleExtra Today!

AWF6FW.jpgAs you can tell, I was blown away with the unique penis enlargement formula that MaleExtra offered.

I really can't find anything wrong with this 2-part system. From start to finish, they deliver on their promises, giving you permanently bigger penis and the tools you need to translate new and improved you into the bedroom.

My new girlfriend simply loves the confidence that this system gave me and she can't wait to try out all the sex positions mentioned in LoveCentria DVDs. If you're serious about adding inches to your penis, improving blood flow to your penis and having an amazing sex life, then MaleExtra is for you.

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