My penis enlargement story

My name is Jason Kent and this is my penis enlargement success story.

I had never felt small when I was in bedroom because honestly, I’m not small. But, I’m going to be honest when I say that I never felt like I was anything other than average. That’s all I was: an average guy with an average penis who could maybe do average things in bed.

My girlfriend never seemed to complain, but I always had this feeling that I could do more and make her feel even better than I already did. I wanted to leave her absolutely breathless!

I wanted to be more than average

So, when my girlfriend was away on business, I spent some time trying to find ways to increase my penis size. I read all of these things about hanging weights on the end of my penis or drinking these incredibly weird drinks that would miraculously increase the length and girth.

Unfortunately, the thought of hanging a weight from my dick and drinking these random drinks just did not appeal to me. I was about to give up looking when suddenly I came across a penis device that looked like it would be the perfect thing for me.

What it explained to me was that it would not make my penis grow miraculously and give me these surreal changes. It wasn’t going to make me go from my normal size one day and then over-night make me the next God in bed. I was an enormous skeptic of those overnight remedies and that’s why I wanted to try this penis device.

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What did I use?

penis enlargement story success JasonThis penis device was SizeGenetics device used in combination with PenisHealth exercises.

What I realized was that using this penis device + exercises to help increase my penis size was exactly like using protein shakes in order to grow my muscles.

A protein shake alone wasn’t going to give me the results I wanted. But if I worked out, the protein in the shake would be needed to heal my muscles thus giving me an even stronger and larger muscle.

The same was said about this combo (penis device + exercises) and my penis. I did several PenisHealth exercises while using SizeGenetics device and I found very quickly that my size and strength of my erection had improved tremendously!

My results

penis enlargement success storyOne night my girlfriend and I were feeling just a bit risqué and we went to bed both incredibly aroused. It was a few weeks after I had been using this device and I was feeling really confident.

The sex in our lives had died because of how busy we both were and so, because I knew that tonight I’d be getting some, I was so ready to make her feel amazing!

I won’t go into details about what happened that night, but when we were all done, she couldn’t even speak because she was so out of breath. When she was finally able to form words, things I heard were:

"You’ve never been so hard” and “You touched places I’ve never felt you touch before”

and the great one: "That was fucking amazing!"

You can only imagine how I felt at that moment :-)


I'm just going to tell you this: using penis enlargement device made it so that I could find the confidence and have the tools I needed to become something more than just average. If I could do it, so can you! Oh btw, you can always get in touch with me through contact form here.

Now let me stop writing this story to you guys… I think my girlfriend wants some more.

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