Penis enlargement FAQ

penis enlargement productBelow are general penis enlargement frequently asked questions. This should help answer your questions about penis enlargement as well as questions on natural penis enlargement programs and penis enlargement pills.

What's the best penis enlargement program?

When trying to find out the best method for penis enlargement there is no right answer and the best answer to give you is the product which works for you. The most popular form is natural penis enlargement devices. My #1 recommendation to you is SizeGenetics penis device.

Other men have also said penis pumps work great for adding size (but I don't recommend them!!!). New to the market are penis creams and solutions, which are still being tested and are an emerging product.

Will I have a 9-inch penis?

Chances are none of the above methods will provide a 9-inch penis, although overtime it could be achieved. On average man can gain 1-3 inches from using penis enlarging methods.

How safe are the methods & are there any risks?

To be completely honest with you, most penis enlargement products don’t have any risks or side effects. You can easily find a penis enlarging product or pill with no risks at all. Some penis pumps may cause soreness if overused but for the most part they are even safe as long as you buy an established product and not some $10 pump.

Are these natural enlargement sites all the same?

No, not at all. Some of the sites offer similar products but you’ll be able to notice the quality differs from site to site. Usually you should look for a nicely designed website with content, images and video. This way you can tell they're legit and have quality products. Also reading reviews can be a valuable way to find the products and sites which have been rated well.

Can pills actually make my penis grow?

home penis enlargementPills alone cannot enlarge your penis. Pills can just contribute to quciken the enlargement process when used in combination with a penis enlargement device.

There are many pills on the market with new ones popping up everyday. Many sites have sold thousands of penis pills and products in the past and have earned thousands of dollars.

Lots of men are using both pills and enlargement solutions to try quickening the process. And that's what I recommend to you as well, if you want to try pills.

My penis is 2 inches bigger, can I stop now?

Great question. The answer could be swayed depending who you were asking but if you stop after using stretchers and products like such you can expect to lose 25% of the gained size so in this case half an inch. Permanent results can be achieved through natural enhancements and exercise combined.

Some of these products seems like scams. Are they?

With such a big industry you can be sure there are going to be scammers lurking around and people have lost money in the past. You need to read reviews in order to have the knowledge you need to purchase off the right sites. Thousands of men change their lives each year with penis enlargement products, so there are many valid sites selling these products.

What if my family found out?

real penis enlargementThere isn't anyway for them to find out unless you tell them yourself. If not then you’re completely safe and have nothing to worry about.

Most penis enlargement sites use a third party billing host like CCBILL which means your credit card would show payment to CCBILL. Also all sales our conducted on private networks which are encrypted.

All these guarantees can't be legit, can they?

The guarantees are always kept although most products prefer you to test their product for 2 months before receiving a refund. After 2 months if you don’t see results you’ll be issued a 100% refund of your purchase.

Some sites state how long before a refund can be issued and these are the safest sites to use as you’ll know where you stand with the company if the product fails to produce results.

Do these sites help impotence & pre-mature ejaculation?

Not all do but some can help with both impotence and premature ejaculation. The top penis enlargement websites all offer some sort of product, which will surely aid you in finding something to help your impotence and pre-mature ejaculation.

Both are just as common as penis enlargment products and there are nearly as many products on those two as there is for penis enlargement products. Again you’ll need to read reviews and become familiar with the websites offering an honest service.

Do I really want to enlarge my penis?

number 1 penis enlargementThis is a question in which only you can really answer. I can sit here all day preaching the benefits of using a penis enlargement product but you need to make the decision to buy the product.

If you're not happy with your length or girth size then you should definitely give a penis enlargement product a chance to work for you.

If having a bigger penis will make you feel better then I recommend going for it! It will make your sex life a lot better and if you don’t happen to see results you’ll be fully refunded anyways so there isn’t much risk on your part here.

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