Penis enlargement methods to avoid

penis enlargement scamsThe adult ad world is filled with ads from companies who are looking to help fill the void in your life. There are lots of programs for penis enlargement products which you can try using.

The claims below are for products which don't work and should be avoided when trying to enlarge your penis:

Enlargement creams

best penis enlargement traction devicesAs new technology and products seem to be progressing the same goes for penis enlargement products. Over the past few years you could have noticed a lot of penis enlargement creams come into the market.

Science has shown that these products are good only for increasing blood flow around the area where it's put on. This will help to have firmer erections but can't be used solely as a penis enlargement product!

Penis pumps

penis pumpPenis pumps have been one of the most advertised products of the past couple of years in the penis enlargement industry. The pumps can be found online, adult shops and even drugstores are selling them. They form a vacuum type seal around your penis, which helps men with bad circulation have an erection.

No scientific proof has been given showing that penis pumps improve the size of your penis and most men who have used them stated that getting an erection without using one after using one for awhile can be very difficult.

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Using weights

best penis extendersThis method has been done for over hundreds of years in the past by men and the basic philosophy is you hang a weight from your penis and watch it grow. Over time this method can actually work at lengthening your penis but your penis will be thinner and often harder to maintain or even get an erection! This method can cause serious blood tissue issues as well and I would recommend staying away from this method.

Enlargement surgery

best penis enlargement product reviewsSurgery is the biggest step and by far the most expensive method of enlargement your penis although it can be effective. However there can also be drawbacks like infection and scar tissue formation. Typically the idea of the surgery is to push some of your fat into your penis therefore making it larger. It won't make much difference in length but your girth will be noticeably bigger.

Another form of surgery, which some men choose to try, is cutting the connective tissue at the top of their penis to make their penis jut out further then usual. This may work but you will lose ability to hold an erection because of the support that you cut off.

Penis enlargement surgery doesn't change the ability to get or maintain an erection for any period of time as well as it doesn't affect the firmness of the erection. This is made possible by sending blood flow to the penis.


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