ProExtender System review


What I like

  • 4 part system (device, penis enhancement pills, sperm increase pills and penis exercise CD)
  • Reputable company that has been around for some time now
  • Safe for long term use
  • 6 months money back guarantee
  • A lot of photo testimonials from real customers who have used the device

What I don't like

Doctor who medically approved ProExtender can also be found to approve other penis extenders on the market.

Bottom line

ProExtender is a good choice. But because it doesn't have a padded rubber strap like SizeGenetics and it's more expensive than SizeGenetics, this must go as my #2 recommendation for you. The positive side is that you will actually get 4 components and not just the device.

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What is ProExtender System?

For those that are looking for means to increase size of their penis, ProExtender System is the way to go.

The claim by the inventors is that they have come up with a unique approach that will help you achieve that penis size that you've always wanted without any pain or a process that takes forever.

There are definitely no medical operations. Composed of 4 different elements, ProExtender System does what it does to provide maximum growth for millions of men around the world!

Despite the fact that this product is known to help so many men, there is a population of men who still don’t think that these sorts of things work. They have so many questions and it makes sense because ProExtender is not just a simple product that makes you bigger.

Since there are 4 different parts to the System (device, 1 bottle of VigRX pills, 1 bottle of Semenax pills and exercise CD), based on the man, one might really work great for him, but another might not have the same results. Because of all these questions, it is imperative that these questions are answered because ProExtender wants men to trust it as a credible penis-enhancement product.

What do you get with ProExtender System?

ProExtender penis device


ProExtender device is developed by famous Dr. Ege Siana from Denmark after many years of research in the field of penis enlargement. Medical tests have shown that ProExtender device is 100% safe to use.

But unlike SizeGenetics, ProExtender device doesn't have padded rubber strap. It has slightly outdated silicon "noose" strap. That's why you may feel a slight discomfort when you start using it. However this may be just at the beginning (you may feel a little soreness), but after some time the soreness will gradually disappear and you'll be fine. This is perfectly natural – it's a sign that your body is making necessary adjustments for your penis to grow.

VigRX penis pills


You will get a 30 day supply of VigRX penis enhancement pills. These pills increase blood flow to your penis, which enables your penis to grow even faster (of course you must use penis device in the first place). Using these pills you will also experience increased sexual vigor, stamina and you'll be able to have sex for longer periods of time.
Semenax sperm increase pills


Believe it or not, Semenax sperm increase pills will give you increase in sperm volume by up to 500%! These pills will also create an increase in your orgasmic pleasure because in order to deliver a bigger load your ejaculation contractions will be longer. In general, you will feel more sexual power than ever before!
"For Men only" penis exercise CD


On this CD there is an E-Book that contains instructions for beginners as well as advanced penis enlargement users. There are numerous pictures of how to properly perform a certain exercise as well as instructions on how to improve your penis size and sexual health.

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Is it medically safe?

AR576T.jpgProExtender does not hurt. Because it was developed after years of research by a physician-scientist, it can be carefully assumed that this product was made with the greatest of diligence and care for a man.

It is medically safe and because of that, you know that you are getting a good product. This system is like working out: you are a little sore after a great work out, but you know that you are going to get the results you want.

At first, there is some discomfort, but this is because your penis IS growing! It’s getting bigger. Sometimes a skin irritation can come, but you can apply pads and cushions for comfort. This part of the system, the first part, is called penis traction device.

It's not just the device

The second and third part are used to compliment the first part and make you that much bigger. These are pills that were formulated to enhance the growth of your penis naturally. The good news is that there are no side effects. How can I say that so confidently?

All of the ingredients are naturally based and come mostly from herbal plant extracts. Since this formulation is so special, the exact right amounts are used and you know that you are not getting a bad pill. There is no scientific backing to suggest that these pills and penis traction do any harm to the body; however, the results show that it does GREAT things for your penis.


A little quick mention about the usability of traction which a lot of men worry about is that they are afraid that it might not fit. The traction device is fully adjustable. One size fits all! Therefore, you can pick and choose exactly how much you want to stretch, what your size is, and ProExtender traction device does the rest.

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How long does it take?

A6GDAN.jpgSo, how long does it take to get the results that you want? Not nearly as long as other penis enhancement systems. You will see results after the first day and for the complete effect, it may take a few weeks.

At most, though, it will take several months to get the penis size that you want. Add in the fact that the fourth component, an exercise CD is included in the purchase and you can easily imagine that the results can be seen very quickly.

There is a rumor that if you stop using the system, your penis will get small again. ProExtender says that as long as you follow the usage instructions properly, you’ll have a permanently large penis! Every once in a while, you need to work on it. Not much, though. And this will make it so your erections are so much harder than ever before. Great, huh?

Is there any damage?

There is no possible damage to your penis, even if you get an erection while wearing it. The device adjusts to any angle, even the erectile angle. If you’d rather not have it on while you are erect, it slides off smoothly. Put it on after.

If you want to wear it while you’re out, you’re going to want to wear medium-loose pants so that the bulging isn’t seen. But, the best place to wear it is while you’re sleeping since no one can really see you anyways. It’s not where and when you use it that matters, but how LONG you wear it. The longer it is worn, the better your results will be!

If you are like most men and have a slightly curved penis, ProExtender traction device can actually help you to right those abnormalities. This particular function has been proven clinically to help straighten that and it is one of the first devices to be a multi-faceted penis enhancement instrument. That's really quite a good thing!

Shipping & ordering

ATYWT9.jpgThe product ships discreetly. A lot of men are probably embarrassed that they want to wear one of these, but you shouldn’t be. Just imagine what your woman will think.

But, regardless of that, the box ships without giving away what the contents are and that should keep you at a nice peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about your mailman knowing that you are getting ProExtender.

ProExtender is easy to order online and this actually is the safest of ways because you can track your transaction. There are a few steps to doing it, but it is entirely simple. Most importantly, the ProExtender system has a 100% refund policy if the customers are unsatisfied. If ProExtender can’t do what it says it will, then you can get your money back completely. This really can’t be beaten.

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Penis enlargement product report

Name ProExtender System
Type Penis enlargement device
Side effects None
Money back guarantee 6 months
Free shipping No
Payment Types Online, mail, fax, phone orders
Price From $329.95
Product Rating 4/5
Order link Order ProExtender now
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