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traction devices for penis enlargementLet me be crystal clear about one thing: if you are serious about enlarging your penis, then you absolutely must use penis enlargement devices!

In my experience and experience of other people, using penis devices will give you the best possible gains in the long run (that's what you want, right?).

Keep in mind that penis enlargement market is very big and going through all the products out there is practically impossible!

But don't worry – I have done the hard work for you; I have conducted a research where I reviewed 10 most popular penis extenders on the market.


What can you expect when you start using a penis traction device?

Based on my personal experience of using SizeGenetics penis device and experiences of several other people who have used various penis devices, here are the benefits you are GUARANTEED to have if you use a penis device for some time (as instructed):

  • You will achieve permanent penis enlargement – No more turning back, no more small penis for you! The enlargement that you achieve using penis device will be permanent!
  • You’ll be able to correct penis curvatures – You know how painful those curvatures can be… now you have a chance to straighten your penis once and for all!
  • Your erections will be much stronger than ever before
  • You’ll achieve super-confidence levels that you’ve never experienced before - Starting conversations with new girls will be a piece of cake for you! Going out for the night and coming back with a girl of your choice will be your newborn habit!
  • You will have peace of mind because you’ll know that you use the only 100% safe & medically approved method of penis enlargement with no side effects! You’ll have nothing to worry about!

the best penis enlargement products user reviewsNow just imagine what kind of pleasure you and your partner will experience once you are able to penetrate her deeper and stimulate nerve endings in her vagina that small penis could not have reached before!

Just picture that enjoyable look on her face after you give her the best sexual experience she ever had… and she’ll know that she’ll be able to have such a great sex for the rest of her life… only with YOU!


How do I test a penis enlargement device?

My ratings are based on the following factors:

  • Overall effectiveness – What you will achieve when you use the product and how long it will take you. I aimed at products which will give you biggest gains in shortest amount of time (if used as instructed)
  • Manufacturer – I only took into consideration companies that have been on the market for some time.
  • Dangerous components – Penis device must not contain harmful or dangerous components!
  • Side effects – Are there any side effects when you use penis device? (Yes/No) I aim for products that have no side effects, of course.
  • Price – My goal is that anybody who is serious about enlarging his penis to be able to afford these products. Now keep in mind that quality products have quality price. If a product is a little more expensive, then there is a reason for that.
  • Money back guarantee – The bigger the money back guarantee is, the more serious company behind the product is. This means bigger respect for their customers.
  • Testimonials, results reported by customers – This is one of the most important factors. There must be real evidence of people using penis enlargement device and also what they said about it. I've collected user feedback from testimonials, online forums, website feedback form or personal contact.

Top rated penis extenders

As a result, I chose for you 3 top penis extenders. You can be 100% sure that they provide the best value for your money! Please take some time to study the following comparison chart and then choose wisely:

Top Penis Devices SizeGenetics






Maximum length gains Up to 4 inches Up to 3 inches Up to 3 inches
Maximum girth gains Up to 2 inches Up to 2 inches Up to 2 inches
Customer satisfaction rate 99% positive 98% positive 96% positive
Effectiveness - Extra inches in length and girth

- Correct curvatures of up to 70%

- Rock hard erections

- Last longer during sex

- Control premature ejaculation

- Better orgasms

- Improved self-confidence

- Increased length & girth

- Average increase in length by 30% for 6 months

- Proven treatment for Peyronie's

- Stronger erections due to the increased cell activity and blood flow

- Enhanced hardness & staying power

- Increase penis size by up to 44%

- Corrects penis curvature

- Recovery of erectile dysfunction

- Recovery of sensitivity

Dangerous components No No No
Quality assurance Type 1 medical device

European CE Health stamp

Medical type 1 device Class 1 Medical components and materials

CE standard of safety

Dr. approved Dr. Jorn Ege Siana

Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen

Dr. Michael A. Carter

Dr Jorn Ege Siana (developer)

used by urologists and plastic surgeons in many countries worldwide

Dr Jorn Ege Siana
Media appearance GQ Men's Magazine

Jonathan Ross TV show

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet Click here
Price System: $389.85

Device only: $350.00

Deluxe ProExtender system: $429.95

Original ProExtender system: $329.95

Light edition $249.99

Original edition $299.99

Silver edition $459.99

Gold edition $579.99

Discounts $50 discount

FREE if you send them before/after photos!!!

FREE bonuses - Spare parts

- Exercise DVD

- Online access to PenisHealth

- Online access to Lovecentria

- Travel case

- Better sex ebooks

- 1 bottle of VigRX PE pills

- 1 bottle of Semenax volume increase pills

- "For men only" penis enlargement exercise CD

- DVD Manual

- Free consultations on silver and gold versions

Money back guarantee 6 months 6 months 1-5 years
Payment types Credit/Debit Card, Phone orders, PayPal, Money Order, Check, Postal Order, Cash Online, mail, fax, phone orders Credit/Debit Card, Phone orders
Customer forums
Discreet packaging
Free shipping
Overall Rating 5/5
My review SizeGenetics Review ProExtender review Jes-Extender Review
Order link Order SizeGenetics Order ProExtender System Order Jes-Extender
Website SizeGenetics Website ProExtender Website Jes-Extender Website

SizeGenetics – absolute winner!

compare best penis stretchersAs you can see from the chart table, my #1 recommendation for you is SizeGenetics penis extender. Being type 1 medical device with a European CE Health stamp and a bunch of FREE bonuses, SizeGenetics is by far the safest penis enlargement system that I have ever seen.

With SizeGenetics you can't go wrong! They have a limited time offer where you first order the device and take your "before" photo. Then you use the device and when you enlarge your penis you take the "after" photo. After that you just need to send them those photos and they will refund all your money back! You keep the device, of course.

In case you don't reach your goals, you can always ask for a complete refund and you'll get all your money back. It's a win-win situation, so what are you waiting for? There's nothing to lose!

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