Which penis enlargement product is best for me?

sizegenetics resultsSo you finally decided that penis enlargement products are your best solution to growing a bigger penis and you decided to join the penis enlargement community.

There will be no more denial or depression to deal with and although the road looks dark now I promise it will be brighter very shortly!

The 1st step is now down and that was for you to decide to take the step to improve upon your inadequate penis size. Now that you're done with that step, the next step is to find the best penis enlargement product that will suit your needs.

The final choice will depend on the following 3 factors:

  • your amount of free time
  • readiness to perform exercises
  • your aesthetics preferences


sizegenetics scamIf you have lots of free time on your hands and being alone isn’t a huge problem for you, then you should definitely try SizeGenetics product. This penis device isn't very easy to hide under your clothing so you’ll either need time alone to perform the exercises or time with someone who knows of what you’re doing.

The device exerts constant traction on your penis, which means it will grow incredibly quick. SizeGenetics has been tested to be one of the quickest penis enlargement methods on the market.

You might be wondering if I recommend any other products, like penis pumps for instance. I don't recommend penis pumps because they're very unreliable and can cause lots of irritation. Pumps have never been promoted by doctors to enlarge your penis and should only be used to help get an erection.


penis-healthFor those of you with less free time you may want to try the product called PenisHealth system, which is a series of penis enlargement exercises. This is an all-natural penis enlargement product and causes the same traction as SizeGenetics just in a different way.

These products force the cells in your penis to expand and multiply, which causes the length and girth of your penis to increase in size. The exercises are very easy and fast to perform and can be done in the morning before work or even before you go to bed at night.

The best thing about all-natural methods is that you have total control over the penis enlargement experience. The risk is basically non-existent as long as you perform the exercises correctly.


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